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Judge overturns 1957 cold case murder conviction; Jack McCullough goes free
CNNApril 17, 2016
Sycamore, Illinois (CNN) – The man convicted in the oldest cold case ever brought to court broke into a wide grin as a judge ordered him released from prison Friday and granted him a new trial.

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Judge Vacates Conviction of Man Accused of 1957 Killing of Illinois Girl
New York TimesApril 16, 2016

CHICAGO — A 76-year-old man who a prosecutor says was wrongly convicted in the 1957 killing of an Illinois schoolgirl was released from prison Friday shortly after a judge vacated his conviction, meaning one of the oldest cold cases tried in the nation’s history has officially gone cold again.

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Judge orders McCullough released from custody, vacates his conviction

Daily ChronicleApril 15, 2016

SYCAMORE – Jack McCullough walked free Friday for the first time since his 2011 arrest after a DeKalb County judge vacated his murder conviction, and he could be less than a week away from vindication.

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Daily Mail

EXCLUSIVE: How America’s coldest criminal case – the mystery of missing seven-year-old ‘pretty Maria’ – was solved 55 years later thanks to a deathbed confession
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Charles Lachman live TV appearance, Newsmax
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Charles Lachman radio appearance, WCBS-New York